Tuesday, February 28, 2017


"When the rivers are all dried up and the trees cut down, man will then realize that he will not be able to eat money."


Another Netflix documentary that is a must see. This video enlightened me on how severe the plastic issue is on this planet, and how it is only getting worse. This first step into solving this issue is raising awareness. Please watch this video and become aware and minmize plastic use where possible! Spread the word.


If you have a netflix account, which I am sure most do, I would highly recommend watching this documentary called, Mile...Mile & a half. My sister recommended it to me, and I immediately fell in love with the story. The way the hikers are able to capture this fascinating experience really showcases how truly amazing nature is and how there is such a natural beauty about it. I gave this documentary a five star rating, hands down. This was such an inspirational watch, especially for active outdoorsmen and women. I know I will be hiking this trail in a couple of years before all the beauty is gone.


I am writing this post for all you outdoor adventurers who can't find the time to make a trip to site-see. This picture was taken in my home state of Minnesota, granted I had to take a road trip from Minneapolis all the way to Grand Marais, MN, but I did it in one about a day and a half. This was worth it, such an amazing adventure with my family. There is nature everywhere, and you need to take time and appreciate it, just pick a day and make your adventure. Nature is everywhere, in every state, and it is beautiful.

Before the Flood

Be sure to watch Leonardo DiCapprios latest documentary, "Before the Flood"

This documentary highlights the effects of climate change on our planet, the solutions that countries are putting into action to combat the destruction, and the importance of being environmentally conscious! A must watch! Beautifully composed!